10 simple steps to succeed on Instagram <3

Follow these Instagram best practices, and your Instagram account will follow high performing examples that leaders, bloggers, artists and trendsetters have implemented, so let’s get you started!

1. Create a great BIO, Description and Call to Action

First of all you should craft a great BIO, a description and Call To Action (CTA) and start with a minimum of 9 great photos, y’all know that right? If not, go here to access my FREE CRASH COURSE to set your Instagram profile up for success!

So now that you have set up your Instagram account for success, choosing a right name, bio and filled out descriptions and links ++ , what are the next steps you should take?

«Seek to deliver valuable and relevant content specific to your niche that make them come back to you for more».

2. Create Valuable and Relevant Content

Well, you should have found out who is your target audience and you need to create valuable ongoing content that speaks to them. You need to deliver valuable and relevant content specific to your niche so that they will come back to you. You need to stay relevant to your followers, they want to follow what you deliver as a business and maybe not a picture of your family gatherings. Be personal but not private as a rule of thumb.

3. Hashtagging

You also need to use appropriate hashtags. There is a limit of 30 hashtags you can use. You don’t have to use all of them, but when starting out, you will have to use some of them to attract followers who will enjoy your insta feed and may follow you. You need to use hashtags that is relevant to your photo or video. If it has flowers then you can use #flowers but also you can narrow it down to your own #LucysFlowers and #tulips. Unfortunately standalone words seem to attract bots, so add more types of tags like #WeddingFlowers etc.

To find more hashtags you go to the search field in the discovery section and type e.g flowers in the search and then there will come up with suggestions for popular tags:



When do hashtags work?

Hashtags works when you use the same hashtags your ideal customers or followers are looking for. If you operate in a specific location, you need exact hashtags. That means if you are a bakery in New Orleans, #bakery alone will not help you, it is to broad. You need to narrow it down to your location. #NewOrleansBakery #ExactNameBakery.

Do not use the same hashtags like #herbalife as your fellow industry leaders to reach new customers if your brand is for example MLM. All you will attract is people who work with Herbalife! Try to make hashtags that niches the products more like #HealthyShakes #proteinshakes #proteinbars etc.

4. Evaluate and consider why you should or should not do «Hit & Run» networking?

On Instagram there are to much «hit & run» spam- a- ton, and how that is supposed to help building strong relationships, is beyond my understanding. The recipe for this is the following: “Like the three last pictures of an account that follows you competitor. Comment on one of their last pictures and tag them so they see your comment. And follow them. If they don’t follow you back, unfollow them after a week. And use for example crowdfire to find out who unfollows you”.  The problem with this is that it comes across spammy and not sincere, it takes longer time to build relationships.

You can also go to the hashtags of your niche and like your competitors followers images. Then «like- attack» them there. That is called «niche liking», same as above, just a different approach.

And, if you really want to craze it up, you can go to crowdfire and stalk all your competitors’ followers by copy their contacts. I don’t recommend this approach as there are many accounts who are not your ideal clients and you don’t want to spend time on. But feel free to go and check it out! You never know if you meet someone you can really network with, that is the whole excitement of social media   

EDIT: Crowdfire does not provide this service anymore as it interferes with Instagram Terms of Service (TOS). No third party provider can provide this service anymore. I guess that Instagram doesn’t want it spammy either! 

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 03.35.24

No matter what you do, don’t just be a sad spammy follower who are out there only to toot your own horn, be serious and interact with people.  Be real, and be you. It is a social media, people can smell and feel you, and especially if you are only up to playing an ego game.  Most of the courtesy lessons you have learned in life are highly applicable on social media too :)

5. Videos

Use videos as well to show the benefits of your products and services.  You can spice up your account with videos showing your craft, your music, your day etc. You can also «How To»- videos where you can show DIY or demonstrate short tutorials,  «food videos» like e.g @videomeals, time laps videos like Hyperlapse

Start your videos with a great preview picture so your people will watch them when visiting your account. In the feed they will automatically play.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 01.48.48
Credits: @videomeals

6. Post often

1-3 times a day is recommended.  Do not bomb your followers with many pictures at the same time, leave it for throughout the day. And don’t post to seldom either if you want to stay relevant to your followers.

7. Interact with influencers

Big accounts and influencers will mostly never follow you back, but it is good to interact with them and also learn from them how they are successful with their accounts. Sometimes they really appreciate your feedback and even if they have a large following they will take time out to comment back:

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 03.12.46

8. Collaboration

You can also collaborate with bigger brands/accounts that are in the same industry as you. The purpose is to grow by sharing each others content and reach out to new audience that will benefit more people and lead to a bigger following. Are you in the health and fitness industry (not MLM) you can apply to collaborate with me in 2016 to outstandinghealth1(att)gmail.com. And follow this account @outstandinghealth for more information. (Click on image to follow on Instagram).

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 03.44.06

9. Don’t steal other peoples pictures and put them on your Instagram account!

Stealing doesn’t become less stealing if you credit the person you stole it from! There is a bad trend on Instagram where people upload others peoples images and give credits to where they took it from, and it is still not allowed! Be serious and ask the person your want to have content from. They can charge you whatever they want. Remember their content is filling up your account, and it you are the one benefiting from it. If you want to know more about copyright and read about a woman who’s image was used by 19 commercial agents and how she got the case up in the national newspaper read it here.

10. Are you a coach or an online marketer? Avoid an account with ONLY GRAPHICS.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 14.52.42

There is nothing worse and less appealing with an Instagram account that only has quotes or spammy seller pitches.  Instagram is a visual account and is a platform for photos and videos. Therefore you need to post native content to the platform. Limit the quotes to a minimal part of your account.  But what you should do as a coach, is to be on video. If you want to learn more about videos, you can sign up for 15 FREE teachings here.

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