A quick guide to get started on Periscope and to be taken seriously!

As a newbie on Periscope you should take note of the following;

1. Profile picture

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 04.14.09


When you are new, it is understandable to not knowing anything, but don’t be an egg! Crack out a profile picture immediately if you want to be taken seriously or you might even get mistaken for being a troll.



USE YOUR NAME, or at least some close version of it, depending on what is already taken. Do NOT USE A BUSINESS NAME, or a digits name of your favourite chocolate’s name. To be taken seriously and to be remembered by your name, -in the chat, don’t be a cartoon, a number, a wrapping, a mascara or something else impersonal. And by all means, cut the swear words out!

3. Bio


Get a good description of what you do in your bio, with a short call to action by leading people to your website. Use a few emojis of choice. Or a link to your Facebook group or what you want them to check out. (P.S if you have a Facebook group, you will point them to sign up through your website first).

4. Interact

Interact with other commentators, but pay mainly attention (respect) to the broadcaster and interact with her/him.

5. Hearts

From Alexander McQueen exhibition in England

Give hearts as a way of high-fiving the broadcaster if you feel that the message resonates with you. Tap basically anywhere on the screen to get them. Avoid to tap on peoples comments (then you might block them).

6. Sharing the broadcast.

Share the message on Twitter, with your followers and on Facebook IF you feel it is right for you to do that. Remember to delete the sharing to Facebook and Twitter after 24 hours as the links will be deleted on Periscope, so your profiles doesn’t end up looking spammy.

Missi 4
Screenshot: Missi Balison @MbalisonMissi

7. Repurpose

Repurpose your content. Save your broadcasts to your phone and repurpose your content. You can also screen record your broadcasts before they go away after 24 hours. You can then repurpose your video to YouTube or directly upload it to Facebook. You can also use snippets of the videos for your Instagram account. More about saving your broadcasts for repurpose here, here and here. And for best equipment go here.

8. Share your own broadcast

As rumours has it that viewing has gone down,  you can share your own broadcast in the broadcast. You will need to have 2 phones logged in as yourself, one of them is obviously the one you broadcast from, and the other you can choose to share your broadcast after about 10 mins or later.

9. Broadcast landscape for repurposing

When broadcasting, turn your phone landscape, that way you can upload it directly to YouTube without it looking weird. The same goes for uploading to Facebook, obviously.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 21.13.40

10. Watching landscape broadcasts

When watching landscape broadcasts, the screen might be filled up with comments so you cannot see the broadcaster very well, in that case, turn your phone into portrait, that way you will see both the broadcaster and the comments.

Screenshot: David Gibson @D1Gibson

11.  Be friendly, always.

Having a friendly tone with the broadcaster can actually help your wishes be done. Here I had been in the Periscope of the social media team from White House while they were filming the U.S president Obama and the Pope. The broadcaster (who didn’t talk with us) filmed in portrait but that didn’t do a great capture of the scenery as is would be better to turn it into landscape filming to see more. I asked and said why it would be better to turn the camera, and he immediately turned the camera. That was such a surprising moment. Since I came late to the scope, I went back and saw the replay again. There people were quite rude and telling the broadcaster off, cause he didn’t film landscape. That didn’t turn the camera. But asking nicely and telling why was the key.


12. Watch your words


Periscope has a filter for words such as sex, now that that seems to be one of the favourite troll words. Here is me trying to describe a situation that contains the word sex.

13. How to block a troll

How to block a troll



14. How to share a broadcast?

Missi 4


15.  What to do when the broadcast is too full?

Screenshot: Gary Vaynerchuck @garyvee


Influencers usually get their broadcast filled up pretty fast, so chat will be closed.  The only way to try to get in, is actually by getting out of the scope and back in again and out until you finally get in. I have tried sometimes up to 10 times to get in and that works.  People will leave and come into the scope all the time, so it is likely that you will get in after some attempts.

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And remember to have fun, it’s social media, so be social !