Business Coaching

«Customize your Customer Love Journey Package»

 – get results with proven strategies.

This coaching will be offered for a limited time.

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   Find your Passion

We will go a little deeper and analyse your true passion. Homework for you between and 2 hours coaching session. Estimated is 2-6 hours coaching.


   Craft your awesome, irresistible offer.

I will help you craft your awesome, irresistible offer based on your Ideal Client Avatar and your business model. What do you want to sell? Lets discover what unique gifs you have, so you can share it with this world! We will bounce off your best ideas and make it match your passions and your business. Place your position,offer, and audience (sales training). Estimated 4 -6 sessions.


   Crafting Your Core Message:

Let’s discover and develop your key marketing message. We will de clutter you and get clarity. Estimated 2-4 sessions.


    Confidence Booster

Learn to stay up for your business and say YES to YOU! And to say NO when boundaries are needed! You have more confidence than you know and let us go get your boost on! Let’s get you and your business to stand out and make that difference that only you can bring to the table!


  Craft your Freebie

Bounce off ideas of how to make the Freebie your client needs and how to deliver it (what format e.g. e-book, mp3, video, coupon etc). We are bouncing off sign-up scripts for opt-in(s) and e-mail (sign up confirmation). Estimated time 6 sessions.


  Get your Love Letters up.

Bounce off love letter ideas, provide help with headline and editing content.  I    will help you develop ideas for content content. We will develop coherence between the e-mails and decide the frequency. Testing the system. Estimated time 6 sessions or more. Depending on the clients needs.


Disclaimer: The sessions are estimated, but will depend on the clients need.

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