Dr Walter Sims on how he built his Periscope following

I have interviewed a handful of successful Periscopers about how they got started, why they are scoping,  how they felt about their first scope and how many were attending, and not least their personal advice to new scopers. Check out the previous interview with Alex Khan here


This time out is Dr. Walter Sims, a Spiritual Lifecoach, Professional Speaker, Author and Pastor.

Dr. Walter Sims is purpose finder who help people figure out their why.  He help bridge the gap between where they are and where God wants them to be.


When did you start Periscoping and what made you start ?

Actually, Periscope found me.  I was interviewing a local business owner for my TV show.  He introduced me to this app called Periscope.  He started a broadcast and introduced me to his followship.  He told them I would be on it in one hour because I loved social media.  So, when I got home I downloaded the app and really didn’t think much about it.  It wasn’t until I started playing around with it that I got hooked on Periscope.  To be honest when I first started using periscope, I didn’t have a mapped out plan/goal on how to use it; until I realized the magnitude and impact it could have on my business.

Are you scoping about the same today as you did when you started out?

My broadcasting now is more deliberate and purposeful.  On June 14, 15, I began the First Church of Periscope.  I have service in the evenings and in the mornings, I motivate everyone to start their day on a positive note with declarations, affirmations, and aforemations.  Periscope has afforded me the opportunity to minister and attract clients that I may not have ever connected with.  I am having a global impact for the Lord and my business.

drwaltersims02Did you start Periscoping for business or only networking or both?

Again, I must reiterate that I stumbled onto Periscope (and I am shouting everyday about the awesomeness of Periscope).  I was terminated from my corporate job on April 17, 2015.  I started using Periscope around the middle of May.  So, the timing was perfect.  If I was still in the corporate world, there would be no way I could be broadcasting with the frequency I am now.

What were you thinking as you hit the broadcast button the first time? And how did that make you feel?

Well, I have been a radio show host on blogtalk radio (internet radio), I host a local tv show, I did two seasons on a network in the Dallas, TX area, and I have been pastoring for 24 years.  Hence, talking in front of people was not an issue.  The issue with me was how was I going to gain a following.  When I started the First Church of Periscope, that placed in a very specific lane which no one was really doing.  So, through the church, I am also appealing to my audience as a spiritual lifecoach.

How many followers did you have on your first scope?

Wow, I can’t even remember.  Maybe 15.  The most followers that I have had at any one time has been about 2000.  I was dubbed a #DopeScope by Chalene Johnson.

How many followers did you have on Twitter before you started on Periscope?

Around 14,000.  I have 15, 100 now.

Do you have any advice for people who are new to Periscope?

Periscope Newbies please, please, please do the following:

1. Be authentic

2. Be consistent

3. Be passionate

4. Have something to share


Oh, I agree so much with these wise tips from Dr Walter Sims! To make sure you check out his broadcasts and his work, follow the links below.

If you want to join Dr Walter Sims on Periscope, you can catch him daily 8. 30am, 2.30 pm and 10pm EST, just search for the @drwaltersims handle which is also where you find him on Periscope.

To read more about him and his new book, check out his website.

To join the First Church of Periscope on Facebook, you can find the page here.


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