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Since I recently wrote a blog post about copyright concerning text, images and video I thought it would be a good idea to provide a blogpost with a good number of links to great resources for free stock photos.

I won’t show pictures from all of the the different websites, but I will showcase some of the awesome images I have got from some of the sites.

Remember: Always check individual licenses on the various sites/photos (Most of them you have to credit, some you don’t have to, some limit commercial use, others don’t, …, so make sure to follow the law!)


Rusted Wagon with Grafitti Art Alone in The Field – BY VIKTOR HANACEK Web:


Picture found at

Picture found at by Emma Backer


Photo by Mike Wilson

Other useful links you can find here:

Free Video resources:

Video Pexels



Free resources for patterns

The Pattern Librabry


Free Photo resources

– check individual licenses on the various sites (Most you have to credit, some don’t)



Flickr Creative Commons (Flickr isn’t a stock photo site, except for the images licensed under Creative Commons)

Feel free to comment with more links under so I can include them, thank you :)