How to detect and remove spammers on Instagram

On Instagram there are a lot of spammers, some are more obvious than others



Here is how you report and block them

All you need to do is slide over the spam comment to the left and then click on report, which is the symbol in the middle. Then depending on the content, you click for abusive content or spam/scam. The comment then gets reported and automatically removed from your account. Sometimes when you get tagged in a video, you just report the same way.


Slide to the left, click report-2


How can you tell if someone just want to market their business on your Instagram account?

If you looked at the previous example you would see that there would be more spammers. What I mean is that are businesses that leaves generic comments that has nothing to do with the image, and they don’t try to engage with with you. Their only purpose is to market their own business, the purpose is to leave a comment so people who see their comment can click on them if they want to find out more.

Let’s see the example below where a business leaves two emoticons, a flexing arm and and anchor…really? How relevant is that for my image of the skies and the scenery? How about not at all..(!). It is just self promo and spamming of my image. It can be removed with the same procedure as above, just click on delete instead of report. If it happens alot, then click on report and they will be blocked.

No real or relevant comment 2

So I used Crowdfire to check if they even follow me, but no they are just promoting themselves… #SpamMarketing.

They dont even follow just self promoting aka spamming

P.S all things you do on social media is public, so don’t be an idiot. Talk and connect, do not spam others Instagram accounts (or other social media platforms). And clean up your account so it doesn’t look messy. Report, block and delete. Be the change you want to see :)

P.S these comments can also be generated by bots. Own programs that detects certain hashtags and comment on every image that has that hashtag.

If you are new to Instagram, here are some basic Instagram lingo that can be helpful

#Hashtags, add # in front of a word. Purpose, so that people can search for that word and find everything that has used that word attached to it. You can use them on Instagram and Twitter. But you can also search for them in your Facebook feed too (try it out, jus used the search field and check what comes up).

@ Mentions, when you are mentioned or wish to mention someone use @ in front of their username. When you reply to someones comment, mentioning them is good for 2 things:

  1. It shows that you are not a (spam) bot and that you are actually having a dialogue with the person behind the Instagram account.
  2. The Instagram account owner will be notified when you mention them in their comments. That way they are more likely to see the comment and also reply. If you comment and do not mention the person, this is more likely to become a monologue and not a dialogue. Therefore, when you want to engage mention the person you are talking too.

Conversation going on with mentions

@Tagging, when your username is added as a label on a photo. The same way as when you tag someone on Facebook, you can tag someone on Instagram. Just do not spam with this. E.g do not tag people in your product images if they have nothing to do with your product images.

Images I am tagged in


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