Interviewing Alex Khan on Periscope, how he got started and how he attracts followers

Alex Khan is a serial entrepreneur, #1 Periscope Consultant, International keynote speaker and columnist. He believes in adding value to the life of others via social media.

I interviewed Alex Khan about Periscope, how he got started and how he attracts followers.

When did you start Periscoping and what made you start?

«I received an email from a friend of mine that Periscope got acquired by Twitter for around $100M dollar so I had to jump on to see what it is. It was the 26th of March 2015 and Periscope’s launch date. In the beginning my main goal was just to have fun with this great new technology.»

Are you scoping about the same today as you did when you started out?

«No, as it was the first day of Periscope I couldn’t be a Periscope consultant so I did fun, travel and relationship scopes. Basically things I was interested in. I quickly changed my topic to Periscope tips & tricks as I realized that I could adapt my 10 years of expertise in the social media field to help people gain more followers and success with this new technology.»

Did you start Periscoping for business or only networking or both?

«Periscope was just in its beginning and it was a way to give back and have fun».

What were you thinking as you hit the broadcast button the first time? And how did that make you feel?

«I was excited and nervous at the same time as everyone of us has questions like “Who are those people that will watch me?”, “Will they like me?” “What will I tell them?” and so on. But truth be told it will get easier when you get more practice and I published tons of posts how to overcome first scope phobia on my blog».

How many followers did you have on your first scope?

«I had no followers and I think around 20-30 viewers on my first broadcast. When I think about it, it is crazy that my followers grew to more than 200.000 in less than 8 months and I am very grateful for that.»

How many followers did you have on Twitter before you started on Periscope?

«I had around 400 followers and because of cross promoting and focusing on Periscope it grew to more than 60.000 in less than 8 months».

Do you have any advice for people who are new to Periscope?.

You have to build up a following before you start broadcasting. Make sure you pre-promote your show in your existing channels, prepare yourself, create a nice intro pitch where you welcome your viewers and introduce yourself, add value amd most of it have fun. I will also send you more tips on topscoper.

Where can we find you on social media?

If you look for @1alexkhan you can find him on all social networks and you can find more tips on

I found this picture of Alex and Ron Moss on Alex’ Instagram account. Does anyone remember Ridge from the «Days of Our Life»? I remember my grandma sitting sticked to the TV screen watching this like everyday and being consumed with the non-stop drama between Ridge and Brooke haha. Here is Alex Khan who has helped him with Periscope.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 21.01.50
Screenshot from @1alexkhan on Instagram. Alex on Instagram with Ron Moss, playing the character of «Ridge» from the famous soap opera «The Days of our Lives»

I wish Alex all the best on his success with Periscope and with his continually strategy to add value to the life of others on social media and thank you for the sneak peak into your «social media» life :)

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