Here comes the lynch mob [the online edition]

To be honest, I got second thoughts about publishing this blogpost. I was afraid to come across as complainative and attention seeking for sharing my story about being “Intellectually” bullied on Facebook by not just one but a bunch of people. I then spent weeks researching about cyber bullying and (online-) lynch mobs. I found out about what The Kardashians, Lizzie Valesquez, the woman who found her self on YouTube to be the “ugliest woman in the world”(!) and hundreds of kids and teenagers experience every day is pure cruelty. So I researched ways to protect one's heart and how to deal with online lynch mobs - did you know that there’s even a legal term for pressing “like” on offensive comments?

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Fasciculation: Stress or mineral deficiency?

I have often experienced spasms of the eye. The annoying feeling when the eye vibrates constantly, and it seems as if it does not go away. It's not a bad feeling, but an annoying and interrupting feeling.

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Hello and welcome to my first blogpost and 30+ awesome pictures around from where I live <3

Hi! Welcome to my new blog!

Writing my first blogpost was the hardest one, especially because I didn’t know where to start, I have so many things that I will write about and I will have to start somewhere. Fields and topics I will write about is amongst others:

Training (work out, getting fit, health etc), social media (tips and relevant topics about Facebook ++), advice and stories about my journey as an entrepreneur, jewellery and fashion (especially since I am a jewellery designer), DIY and interior stuff, God + faith and my own journey and walk in life.


Let me know if there is something you want me to blog about, I might do it! And if you have enquiries for ads etc let me know.

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Vanessa Raphael <3

All pictures under are mine :)