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Batching photos with your smartphone and storing them on to your camera roll.

If you are like most people you are not able to push out great content to your Instagram account 24/7! That is why you need to batch photos (to your phone – cameraroll) so you always have great images, quotes and videos that help you build your brand story (-you can learn more about branding in the course).

For my accounts @outstandinghealth @vanessaraphelm and @thebutterlfyshow


Batching photos is going to make you help your business growing strategically on Instagram

Think about it, that is what it is, a platform that tells your story with images and videos. Sometimes it is hard to know what to post and what your followers want to see. That’s is often the point when we miss inspiration. But other times we have inspiration to take many photos and post them all at once. That is NOT what we should do to build an engaged following, as too many photos posted at once is overkill! Rather go an take photos today, that you will use on a rainy day and also post images in the moment- which is taken there and then. That is the best way to build content. Make it relevant to your brand.

content on the cameraroll


There is no such thing as curating other peoples photos or videos

“Curating other people’s content” without consent means breaching Copyright Law. Businesses all over the world are getting penalised for using other peoples content, and there is no C&D letter that will help you out of the bill. We are getting more in depth of Copyright law in the course.  Remember your account wont be active and engaging without content. And it wont truly be yours if it is packed with other peoples content. Instagram can shut it down!

Curating other peoplesphotos without consentequals stealing!-2

Therefore you can learn to make your OWN content!

(Or you can hire a photographer and a graphic designer of course).

In the two next modules you will learn how to take photos and use good backgrounds and editing your images with apps.

In the mean time I want you to go around taking photos with your smart phone and take photos of what will fit your business and brand story. 


  Think about what will your followers like to see?

  Does it tell your story?

  Are you passionate about it?

Until we see each other again tomorrow!

   Vanessa Raphael xoxo