Caramel Snickers Ice Cream <3

So this is a recipe or pure art, because working with frozen coconut oil has a quick melting ratio.

Let me explain, I first found a recipe online similar to this one but it suggested that the top and bottom layers of chocolate should be a long plate on each side of the caramel, which made it crack each time I tried to crack in it. You know the same result you get from cracking a kinder egg? No straight lines but more like a puzzle, which made the pieces become very uneven.

Firstly if you don’t do the fancy way, which takes a bit more time and planning, your finished snack will look like this (and you don’t know how the rest will look, hehe) :

DSC08436But if you follow my way, they will look like this:


The recipe is as following:

The chocolate layer (double the portion for 2 layers, I like to do them separately).

1 cup of coconut oil, soft not melted

2-4 table spoons of raw cacao powder (or cocoa)

2-4 table spoons of raw honey, add a little at the time until you find the right taste.

Pinch of salt

Caramel snickers sauce

15 Medjool dates, pitted and cut into small pieces, soaked in a bit hot water for 10 minutes

2 Table spoon organic peanut butter

2 table spoons almond milk

1 table spoon vanilla

Pinch of salt


Half a cup roasted peanuts + half a cup of crushed peanuts

Cover a cake pan with food paper or with plastic wrap.

First mix together the first chocolate layer and put it into the pan:



So here is my TWIST, in stead of leaving it long and flat for uneven cutting when it is frozen, I put it in the fridge for 15 minutes (max) and then use a round cutter on it before putting it into the freezer. As demonstrated in the picture below:

DSC08627You can also cut it with a knife:


So after being in the freezer for an hour or more take the chocolate layer out and break the rounds or squares carefully out.

For the caramel sauce, cut up the dates in small chunks so they will go easier on your blender. I used blender…After put them in hot water for about 10 minutes. Then it will look like this:



Empty almost all of the water after 10 minutes. Then add in the rest of the ingredients and mix them altogether:


Add the caramel sauce, the peanut crush and the halved peanuts on the frozen chocolate halves: DSC08618



Use the extra bits between the chocolate rounds as artistic decoration on top:


And ta da, you are set for having guests (or you can eat them all yourself haha). P.s they will melt quickly so store in freezer as they taste as delicious snickers ice cream when they are frozen- yum yum!

Feel free to share this recipe with someone who is on the hunt for healthy but tasty snacks.

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Ta ta!


Vanessa Raphael :)