Fasciculation: Stress or mineral deficiency?

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What is fasciculation/twitches?

I have often experienced spasms of the eye. The annoying feeling when the eye vibrates constantly, and it seems as if it does not go away. It’s not a painful feeling, but an annoying and interrupting feeling. I have to stop with what I do and wait until it goes over … until it comes back again and starts the next “session” of the eye. The most common is to have it on the left eye.  A vibration of the skin under the eyeball is how I could describe it.

eyes_twitch 4
When you feel helpless with twitches and you try to figure out where in the scull does it come from? Photo: Freeimages.com

I first thought it was because I had an intense period ahead of my laptop screen, but that wasn’t the case. The twitches continued regardless if I spent less time in front of the screen. So after Googling it forth and back I came across a remedy advice that explained that use chromium to get rid of spasms. And you know what, it worked! Chromium is a mineral and it turned out that I had this mineral deficiency, something my eye was trying to signal.

Photo: Tobias Michel


This blog post is not sponsored but I’ve used is the Solaray and Twinlab brands. I have used this in periods and then the fasciculation stopped. If you use Chromium and have prolonged spasms you should consult a doctor to examinate your health condition.


Chromium is the ultimate mineral to curb a craving and appetite in general, that can help you with weight control. It regulates blood sugar and if you have any health conditions then you should take a trip to the doctor to check you before you start with chromium.

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Photo: Freeimages.com

Sugar, caffeine, nicotine and stress may increase the need for chromium. Are you an entrepreneur? Ding dong? Yes, it is a big chance that you have a high intake of sugar, caffeine and nicotine.

Photo: Vanessa Raphael


Hope this information can help you with your twitches/fasciculation and sweet cravings




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