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How you can start to build your business on Instagram with Integrity & Style

By Vanessa Raphael



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Here’s what’s included:



Day 1: «Instagram Cheat Sheet»

Learn how to make an impact Instagram with my free mini-eBook going through the 10 most important steps to set up a unique profile tailored for you.

All you need to know about:

  • Bio/Description/ CTA. 
  • Username
  • Privacy Setting
  • How to start
  • Photography
  • Filters
  • And more ++

Plus a bonus in-depth teaching from Tobias Michel about Instagram photo tips and enhancement including topics such as: Symmetry, diagonal lines, composition, light, frames etc.

PLUS – you will get additional free 5 day Instagram Crash Course where you will learn more about these topics:



Day 2: How to get good backgrounds and avoiding the infamous “bathroom-selfie”?

Connecting with your customers via imagery is so important because Instagram is a visual app. But if you’re going to put in the work to actually connect with your customers, you need to know how to maximize your return on every picture you post!

Day 3: Batching photos and why you should not “curate” photos

Creating content- and the right content- is essential for building a quality following on Instagram. But don’t hit the ground running curating dozens of photos. That’s one of the biggest mistakes made on Instagram!

Day 4: Editing images with the DeluxeFX app and with your iPhone

Success on Instagram is about more than pictures, though. It’s about the right strategy to develop with your customers in mind.

Day 5: What are you selling?

This sounds like a simple enough question and yet so many people on Instagram are getting it completely wrong. If you’re tired of trying tactics that just aren’t working…
If you’ve been holding back on really growing your following and your business because you don’t know what to do next…

I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve seen and heard a lot about tactics that just don’t work. Ones that aren’t authentic to your brand. They’re spammy or sales and drive traffic away rather than bringing it to you. In this part we will have a real look at what you are really selling.

Day 6: Why follow for follow and unfollow strategies suuucks for your business!

I am showing you the dirty and embarrassing details of why you should not do a follow for follow and unfollow strategy for you business. This is critical for your business, so do not miss this!


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