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«Follow for follow» strategy or not?


Lets start with the basics: 

«People buy from people (or brands) they trust, like, and know». Remember this ALWAYS and memorize it!

Having this in mind makes it it easy to understand that a «Follow for follow strategy» won’t work in the long run.

Let me explain.

«Follow for follow strategy» where you follow someone in a Facebook group «follow thread» just because they put their link in a thread and follow you does not mean they will be your «target group», «potential customer», or have any interest in your account or your products – at all!

In fact, it can make so much “interference” in your newsfeed on Instagram that you will get turned off from working efficiently to market your business on Instagram. With all that “spam”, it is hard to have clarity and focus.

In the images below are screenshots from frustrated students that have taken bad Instagram advice and followed spammy follow/unfollow strategies given by “Instagram gurus”.

Being a photographer is not the problem

What is a follow/unfollow strategy?

It is basically following people on Instagram and “wait” until they follow back, and then unfollow them. Quite dodgy if you ask me. This is to get vanity numbers on an Instagram account, so they look more important because they then have lots of followers and they only follow a few people like celebrities do. 

Also, the other reason someone might follow this strategy is to collect potential clients. On its own, that is not a bad idea. However, there is a great chance they will collect a lot of followers that won’t buy from them and they won’t like or trust them because they followed and unfollowed them, which shows that they are just out to get followers and not genuinely interested in following their prospects. 

This reflects poorly upon the business as there is no trust or like factor when you are followed and then unfollowed for purely commercial purposes.

Today, we need to engage with customers and content marketing/giving free goodies out to customers to build relationships with them. We have to give our customers a “pre taste” of what we are like as businesses. Following and unfollowing will, no matter how you twist and turn it, come across as less trustworthy and therefore less likeable. That isn’t what you want for your business, is it? 

Not the best introduction to your business and not a great way to build your brand…

Thankfully, there is a better way. When I discovered it, I was able to market on Instagram without being too pushy or using spammy tactics like the follow/unfollow method. That’s exactly why I put together the IG Integrity course. 

Follow and unfollow discussion


Even Instagram prohibits 3rd party apps that follow and unfollow accounts

Instagram doesn’t endorse the follow/unfollow trend. Third party apps like Crowdfire previously had the function allowing you to copy followers, but that is not allowed anymore as people took this too far. Under is a screenshot of a person who got “locked down” by Instagram for doing the “follow/unfollow” strategy.

instagram block


Follow/unfollow strategy combined with push/spam marketing

What is even worse, is a follow/unfollow strategy combined with push/spam marketing like in the example below.

Push marketingalong with a follow_unfollow strategy

My advice

So what do we do about this? Is it wrong to follow and unfollow people on Instagram? No.

If an account you follow posts spam, inappropriate images, or things that do not interest you at all, you can unfollow them for sure. 

But social media is all about being social and creating engagement and vital communities. People buy from people they like, trust, and know, and this starts with building trust and sincerely engaging with people.

Are you ready to take the next step? To learn meaningful Instagram strategies rather than spammy, short-lived tactics? IG with Integrity is now open! 

In the course, you’ll be taken through 9 modules covering everything you need to know about marketing with integrity and style on Instagram from branding and strategy to simple tools to make the process easier. When you’re done, you’ll be ready to add authentic followers to your account and grow your business purposefully. 

Are you tired of hearing nothing but useless and salesy tactics that don’t hold up over the long run? Me, too. That’s why IG Integrity Marketing is for you.  

In IG Integrity Marketing, we’re not interested spammy tactics because they simply DON’T work. Instead, we’re laser-focused on things like:

  • Creating a brand and personality that reflects you and draws in ideal clients and customers 
  • Generating real and organic growth 
  • Creating an amazing first impression to build trust 

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